University of Arkansas – MBA Global Immersion Program

Social Entrepreneurship and Development


May 14 – 26, 2024

We are excited to welcome back the University of Arkansas, Walton College of Business.  The Social Innovation Global Immersions program will lead them to Java and Bali in 2024.

They will embark on a 12-day journey through the bustling streets of Jakarta and the serene landscapes of Bali, diving into the world of social entrepreneurship. This program offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant social innovation ecosystems of both societies, meet inspiring entrepreneurs, and understand how business can drive positive societal change. Witness firsthand how innovative businesses are making a difference, while soaking in the vibrant culture and natural beauty that these two distinct destinations have to offer.

Days 1 – 4: Jakarta – Unveiling Urban Innovations

  • Introduction to social entrepreneurship: Seminar by local experts highlighting the impact of social enterprises.
  • Guided tour of urban innovation hubs, co-working spaces, and tech incubators.
  • Immersive visit to community-driven initiatives addressing urban challenges.

Days 4-12: Bali – Balancing Tradition and Innovation

  • Travel to Bali and experience a warm Balinese welcome
  • Panel discussions with local social entrepreneurs, delving into the unique blend of tradition and innovation on the island.
  • Visits to artisanal communities and workshops promoting sustainable craftsmanship.
  • Explore NGO’s and Social Initiatives in Bali tackling some of the most important environmental and social challenges
  • Meet successful social entrepreneurs from diverse sectors, gaining insights into their challenges and victories.
  • Networking event to connect with potential collaborators and mentors.

Program Highlights:

  • Cross-City Insights: Compare and contrast the social entrepreneurship landscapes of Jakarta and Bali, understanding the nuances of urban and rural innovation.
  • Local Interaction: Engage with local communities, entrepreneurs, and artisans, fostering a deeper cultural understanding.
  • Real-World Challenges: Tackle real societal issues by designing viable business solutions alongside mentors and experts.
  • Networking: Build a network of like-minded individuals, including mentors, fellow participants, and industry experts.
  • Holistic Experience: Immerse yourself in the modernity of Jakarta and the tranquility of Bali, embracing the diversity of Indonesia’s landscapes and cultures.

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