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Location: ARMA Museum & Resort, Ubud, Bali.


The Master Class has been developed to meet the standards for 12 Academic Points and 30 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.


The Ubud-Bali Design & Arts Masterclass has originated from long-standing educational partnerships between the Bali Institute of Global Renewal (BIGR) and environmental art & design teachers Grant Revell & Craig Burton. Alongside Balinese community partners, Grant & Craig have run previous classes in Taman Kelod & elsewhere across the Island, focusing on the engagement and sharing of Indigenous design knowledge with a focus on community health and wellbeing related projects.

This Masterclass is a unique culmination of both practical and theoretical art & design education related experiences. Set within the spiritual villages of Ubud, with an amazing bunch of committed arts & design practitioners & educators, this community-based Masterclass will soon become one of the world’s strongest & most fun-loving place-bound educational & professional development experiences the world can truly offer.

Location is an itinerary rather than a bounded site – a series of encounters and translations.
- James Clifford (1997)


  • Day trips will be taken to a number of communities throughout Bali to study art & design customary practices, including the traditional Bali Mula villages of Tenganan, Trunyan and Panglipuran.
  • Share in many intimate dialogues with Balinese community leaders, such as Agung Rai, owner of Bali’s premier art museum and one of the island’s top historians
  • Participate in daily Indigenous wellbeing classes including yoga, massage, meditation and nutritional health
  • Practice innovative cultural mapping & performative story telling techniques with Ubud locals
  • Meet with many organizations and individuals that are demonstrating Balinese leadership in today’s complex and challenging world


The culture & country of Bali means many things to many people. Some have lived the life of Bali, and some have imagined it. Known traditionally & authentically as the ‘Island of Paradise’, Bali now hosts this unique Master Class in the multi-disciplinary fields of place-based arts and design, and the making of their reciprocal relationships.

Lead by award-winning design educators & practitioners Craig Burton & Grant Revell, the Master Class teams up with local Balinese colleagues for a very special focus on regenerative cultural sustainability and resilience within these creative fields of community development by design.

A revitalised understanding of place-based education, ecological design, architecture, landscape architecture, environmental design, cultural tourism, ethno-botany, visual arts, music & performance, literature & communications, and health & well-being will be explored across a range of creative mediums and immersive experiences. The Class will be tutored and mentored by local Balinese community members and cultural experts, with the collaboration of two of the very best & highly awarded designers and educators spanning the eastern and western shorelines of nearby Australia – Master Craftsman Craig Burton FAILA, and Grant Revell FAILA.


For 2020, the Class will undertake a series of Indigenous cultural explorations & capacity building activities with the neighbouring ARMA Museum villages of Pengosekan, Nyuh Kuning & Peliatan – as well as visit the ‘original’ Bali Mula – Bali Aga villages of Tenganan, Trunyan and Panglipuran.

You will meet amazing humble people who are making a difference to the care and stewardship of our collective-place-worlds, participate in some extraordinary Indigenous cultural experiences, improve your health & wellbeing and return home in better shape than when you arrived. As a member of the Ubud-Bali Master Class Alumni you will be looked after for the rest of your life. You will have healthy fun participating in this Master Class like no-other, providing the reciprocal cultural humility, growth & nourishment that you deserve!


The Master Class participants must submit an online application and be accepted to attend. The Class encourages cultural & gender diversity with a creative focus on multi-disciplinary engagement in the arts & design fields. Some proficiency in the English language is preferred. The use of local Balinese language will taught & encouraged throughout the Program. The Master Class will have a Quota of 12 participants only, including two (2) Balinese students from across the Island. Successful applications are assessed on a first-come-basis until the Program Quota is reached.


Detailed program itinerary will be coming soon.

About the Program Leaders:

Craig Burton, Design Leader, Master Landscape Architect & Architect
Craig is the Design Leader of the Masterclass. A master craftsman in environmental architecture, landscape architecture and horticulture, Craig brings his extensive design education and practice experience to the Ubud-Bali Program.

Considered to one of the world’s best landscape architects Craig has received multiple professional awards for both his integrated design practice and university teaching programs for over 45 years. Craig commands a strong sense of design wisdom & an over-arching practical approach to place-bound environmental design. For more information on Craig please see: http://cabconsulting.com.au/
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Grant Revell, FAILA, Class Coordinator, Landscape Architect & Community Planner
Grant Revell is the day-to-day educational coordinator of the Masterclass. Grant has worked with the above Masterclass team for many years, specializing in community participatory design and planning related projects.Grant has received multiple professional and academic awards for his design education and professional practices.

Grant has extensive experience in outreach, on-country design teaching programs that are community-focused, reciprocal, and Indigenous-lead.
For more information on Grant Revell please see:
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Anak Agung Gde Rai, Cultural Adviser & Museum Director, ARMA Museum
Agung Rai is the principal cultural adviser to the Masterclass. Now one of world’s great authorities on Balinese arts & culture, Agung foundered the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) Museum & Resort in 1996. ARMA is more than a museum. It is a centre for visual and performing arts, allowing the Masterclass to participate in the permanent collection of paintings, special temporary exhibitions, theatre performances, dance, music and painting classes, bookshop, library and reading room.

Agung Rai supports the Masterclass as a part of his vision to experience and learn about Bali’s unique cultural design heritage as a means of contributing to the peace and understanding of the world’s Indigenous cultures. For more information on Agung Rai please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDSB8l7OkG8
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Prita Febrina, Class Administrator, Bali Institute of Global Renewal (BIGR)
Prita is the principal Balinese host of the Masterclass, and HR Director of the Bali Institute of Global Renewal (BIGR). Prita will provide the day-to-day administration of the Masterclass Program ensuring that all participants are cared for Balinese style!

Prita will bring her multi-lingual skills to the Class to support the close engagement & sharing of knowledge with our Balinese village hosts at Ubud. For more information on Prita & the BIGR please see:
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Ketut Yasi, Traditional Medicine Healer, Cantika Healing
Ketut Yasi is a Balinese traditional medicine healer from the Ubud region. Earlier in her career she was a famous Balinese dancer. Now a successful Balinese business women with Cantik Healing Yasi will bring her holistic health & wellbeing programs to the Masterclass on a daily basis. Her work is seen an essential ‘way-of-life’ to the Masterclass. For more information on Ketut Yasi please see: http://www.cantikazestbali.com/

Pricing & Registration

Program Price:

  • Single Occupancy – $8,500 AUD/ participant


  • All tuition fees
  • 13 nights at ARMA Museum and Resort, a beautiful Balinese-owned hotel; each participant will receive a single room
  • All transportation in air-conditioned buses and vans throughout the program
  • Airport transfer on the start and end date of the program
  • English speaking tour guide(s) and coordination team
  • All activities listed on final program itinerary are included in the per person ground costs, including entrance fees, lectures and donations.
  • Gratuities for local guides and drivers
  • 24/7 Medical and emergency staff support for the entire duration of the program
  • Special gifts including sarong, sash & journal


  • Visa costs (if applicable)
  • Airfare
  • Trip cancellation, lost baggage, or medical insurance
  • Laundry and personal items
  • International phone calls

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I would definitely recommend this educational Program to anyone who needs to slow down and learn about Indigenous cultures & how to engage with them. It changed my approach to life – both personally and professionally.

Anita Small, 2017

 I will always remember my time here with the beautiful hospitality they showed us and the many culturally inspired lessons they have taught us. The excursions & community visits were so inspiring. Truly fascinating. Thank you!

Alex Hull, 2017

How on earth did I not know about the beauty of Balinese design. So magical. Thank you to the design professors & community for a set of very special life-learning experiences. From the spiritually pragmatic to the impossibly surreal. For me, it revealed a whole new way of learning about integrated environmental design at the community level.

Paula Counsel, 2005

From the first day we arrived our village hosts welcomed us into their lives, not only as visitors but also as friends. This strong sense of belonging continued throughout the Program as the local people embraced us. It became beautifully reciprocal as we shared our life’s stories & our design knowledges. It was special. I am endlessly grateful to all the people of Taman Kelod, my friends and colleagues who were involved in teaching in the Program. I hope the celebration of both Indigenous & non-Indigenous cultures and the relationships between Taman Kelod & UWA continues always.

Lindsay McLagan, 2005

Engaging in the art & design between cultures is a difficult journey that involves constant self-reinventing and critique. And the collaboration of multiple disciplines and genuine engagement with members of the indigenous community was fundamental to shaping the experiences and outcomes of my design studio in Bali. I will always be indebted to these very personal experiences and the ongoing committed journey of intercultural design that they have now unfolded.

Renee Romyn, 2004