“My journey to Bali with the Bali Institute, alongside our fearless leaders Sumara, Ary, Atika, and Evita, was a life-changing experience. Despite having visited 12 countries before, this trip stood out as the most remarkable. Living alongside locals, immersing ourselves in their culture, and forming genuine connections left an indelible mark on our hearts. Engaging in community service and learning about environmental sustainability added depth to our experience, empowering us to make a positive impact. The Bali Institute’s expert guidance and genuine care made this journey transformative, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a meaningful travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary.”

Alexis Fischer, Student

Arcadia University


“Wow! The Bali Institute hit the mark! Top notch accommodations and experiences all around. All of the activities that we completed complimented each other. It was a perfect transition into Balinese culture and community that we would not get, had we tried to organize a trip on our own. Sumara, Evita and Iris were so attentive to the various needs of the group. From the smallest detail ( chicken fingers and fries, yoga mats) to the largest ( Bali Belly medicine and misplaced phones) , they executed each request with care and compassion. The trio truly made the trip memorable. Thank you Ryan for creating an organization that provides a healing experience for many people who need to take a moment to slow down and appreciate life. Bali provided so many blessings. It was a fantastic 14 days away from grind of NYC! I would love to organize another group to return.”

Participant of Elizabeth Erwin´s “MINDFULNESS AND EDUCATION” program 2023

“The past five weeks have flown by… Hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Every student should make it a point to study abroad!”

Kamilah McGuire, Student
University of California, Irvine

“…wonderful, transformative organization profoundly invested in the local culture…your staff are smart, caring, and motivated to really educate participants in their programs. The experience moved me, challenged me, and inspired me.”

University of San Diego Graduate Student

We are thrilled to partner with the Bali Institute to offer service-learning programs in Bali. Your deep connections with the community, experience with leadership development and appreciation and respect for the local wisdom and culture are exactly what we are looking for in a partner. It’s a pleasure to work together with you to develop the next generation of global citizens and leaders.”

– Andrew Motiwalla, Executive Director, Global Leadership Adventures

“Our trip was truly amazing! Full of cultural nuances as well as awesome people that truly represented their culture and heritage. . . I was honored to be guided so beautifully and with such warmth by you and the others who assisted in learning about magical Bali!  . . . so much fun sharing our combined insights when traveling in novel experiences. . .  authentic and deliciously homemade meals, visiting temples filled with flowers of offerings and stunning landscapes throughout our stay. . . . Thank you for all your efforts in making it so memorable in my heart and transformative in experiencing another reality in our world.”

Dominican Faculty participant

“I attended the conference with my 17 year old daughter and our lives were changed forever. I watched her turn from being a fierce warrior, on the attack, knowing in her heart that Humanity’s demise was only a matter of time TO a young person coming to terms with what she is FOR more than what she is AGAINST… As a mother who has wept to hear that when her child looks forward she can see only doom – I can hardly express what this shift has meant to me personally …I believe the Global Healing Conference in Bali was integral in making this happen. My daughter herself says that it has been the greatest event of her life!”

– Pat McCabe, Dineh Tribe, participant, facilitator and Advisory Committee member

“Not only did this trip confirm my interest in traditional medicine, but it also rejuvenated my yearning to learn more by introducing worlds of medicine that I have yet to explore.”

– Northeastern University Student

“…the biggest life-changing experience of my life…opening my heart …expanding my intellect and restoring my hope…”

– Quest for Global Healing II Delegate

“Without exception the students were moved and enlightened by their experiences…your program exceeded our expectations…we are eternally grateful to Bali Institute and the Balinese people…it was one of the greatest growth experiences for our students and leaders. Thank you for that opportunity!”

– Professor Patricia Kiladis, Northeastern University

“I loved my experience here….Bali Institute is a wonderful program with a really great purpose, It gives a lot of exposure to people about the Balinse culture, and it is done so in a way allows room for every individual to learn and grow…”

“All my life I’ve wondered what am I going to do to make me a successful person— how was I going to make a lot of money? What job will help me do that? Now, the questions that guide me are, what am I going to do to make this world a better place? What will I be my footprint on this earth once I leave? The money won’t be there, but the humanitarian work I’ve done will be reflective of who I was. The Bali institute has helped me made that realization and has brought me together with other like-minded students, with whom I’ve made everlasting friendships with.”

“The Bali Institute has truly opened my eyes to global issues…the program provided an amazing opportunity for UCI students to become more aware about global healthcare and community issues of Bali.”

University of California, Irvine Student

“BIGR added a dimension that I could never have achieved on my own…with its mission to preserve the culture of the Balinese people, the Institute opened doors to very special people and places…being able to meet and have personal conversations…brought me closer to appreciating the culture and how it’s woven into their everyday life.”

– MM, Marin, Yoga Retreat and Extension

“On behalf of all the participants of Dancing Freedom, I send you all a huge bow of respect, gratitude and delight… We could not have done it without you. Bali institute brought invaluable content, cultural context and connection, social vision, logistical support and LOVE to our training. I thank you for being both wonderfully personable and immaculately professional. The whole group was impeccably cared for. I have never before experienced such ease with such a high level of detail. I thank you all for every gesture, seen and unseen…”

– Samantha Sweetwater, Founder/Director, Dancing Freedom

“…great opportunities to learn from the Balinese and from other participants..you never knew what was around the corner as far as interesting learnings, people or activities… I left energized with commitments for myself, my family, my profession…an incredible journey that did not end when I got on the plane to come home.

– Mark Levy, Bali Institute Participant

“It was a life-changing experience on so many levels. No one could possibly walk away unaffected. I strongly encourage anyone who can attend, to do so!!!

– Pat Ginter, Bali Institute Participant

“Literally EVERY DAY was a magical palate that intrigued all my senses. A truely transformational trip!”

– Mai Vu, International Coach & Agung Rai from ARMA Museum 

“The Bali Institute allowed me to explore and understand Bali so deeply that I have carried those indelible experiences with me ever since. Through a degree of cultural immersion, my class and I began speaking the local language, tasting new foods, smelling the surfeit of smells and seeing the wonderful island itself. Marcia Jaffe and her staff encouraged learning and exploration: We learned about Indonesian history, wore traditional Balinese clothes and walked the local streets until our home country actually felt more foreign than Indonesia. Some of us even dug in the mud like the local farmers do every day, or worked up the zeal to climb Gunung Agung! I was able to witness/experience how the Balinese people understood the world, thus enriching my own understanding. Our class also toured Bumi Sehat, the CNN Hero of the Year 2011 Robin Lim’s natural birthing clinic – which I found to be absolutely inspiring. Robin herself was brilliant, down-to-Earth and hard working – I would put my own family in her care without hesitation. I learned a lot from her and the other healers we met along the way – I think these experiences will help inform my medical career and for that I will always be grateful to Bali Institute. Read more at the University of California Irvine Bali Blog. “

Harwood Garland, Student
University of California, Irvine