Dr. Phil Bohnert, MD, FAPA

Phil’s medical education was at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. He has been a psychiatrist for 44 years, including 24 years in private practice, doing individual and group psychotherapy. Early in his career he was honored as a Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association. In addition to various articles, Dr. Bohnert co-authored the book “The Paranoid,” a widely-used medical textbook. He is also in demand as a lecturer, having presented numerous talks internationally to medical, legal, and religious professionals. For more than 20 years Phil has been on the full-time teaching faculty of four U.S. medical schools, both in the Psychiatry and Family Medicine departments. From 1982-1988 he served as the Medical Director of the Houston Wellness Center and from 1994-2007 he served as the Director of the Behavioral Medicine Program in the Department of Family Medicine of the University of Hawaii Medical School. Retired in 2007 as Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, he moved to Bali at the start of 2009 and has since returned to Hawaii.

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