Simmons University

 Presents: Social Entrepreneurship — Global Corps Practicum
May 23 – June 20, 2018

Bali, Indonesia

The Global Corps Practicum gives Simmons University and Balinese students the opportunity to participate in an intensive practicum on global civil society in an international setting. We will cover the essentials of global citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and NGO development to respond to local and global problems.

The Simmons University Global Corps Practicum trains students in the burgeoning field of social entrepreneurship, which uses community development and business models to tackle social problems, whether through creating and disseminating new technologies or encouraging the growth of micro-enterprises and micro-finance; the point is to use community development and business principles but emphasize social impact over profit. Our program teaches students to use these principles in the hopes of creating sustainable projects grounded in social justice.

Simmons students will spend the first week in Ubud, Bali in a cultural immersion program, where they will experience Bali’s unique art, music, spiritual and political culture. Afterwards, we will move to the Northern Balinese city of Singaraja where Simmons students and their Balinese peers from Ganesha University will participate in a three week workshop on social entrepreneurship. At the end of the three-week training in Singaraja, students’ project proposals will be presented to local organizations and their partners who will choose one or two of the projects that could be implemented successfully in Singaraja and the surrounding communities. The ultimate goal is to empower both Balinese and Simmons students to identify creative solutions to pressing problems and to offer fresh new ideas for local organizations.


green dividing lineFor more information on a custom-designed program
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email our Global Administration Director, directly.

Bali Institute works closely with faculty, group leaders or individual organizers
who are passionate about collaborating with the Balinese culture to create a
learning laboratory of culture, deep understanding and transformative experiences.

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