Bali Institute has also established its own Indonesian “Yayasan”, a non-profit foundation, Makadaya.

Makadaya is a registered non-profit in Indonesia,
aiming to provide a space, strategic network, and
learning lab to empower a community
of changemakers in Indonesia, who are
developing sustainable solutions towards
the most pressing issues faced in their communities.

For more information visit Makadaya.

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The growing urgency of social and environmental problems in Bali, and in Indonesia more broadly, shows that there is a clear need for a new generation of adaptive, innovative, and collaborative leaders, also, a new way of doing business. In 2020, the current pandemic has made social innovation & entrepreneurship more relevant and urgent than ever. There is an enormous need to build resilient communities and businesses that don’t rely so heavily on tourism and are focused on solving the most pressing social and environmental challenges we are facing.

However, there is still a clear lack of resources dedicated to support emerging leaders who are committed to addressing these issues, and who have the potential to catalyze and scale positive change and impact in their communities. These resources include training, funding, support systems, and networks that they need to grow and thrive sustainably.

That is why we established Makadaya with the goal to empower individuals and teams to build and lead social enterprises and collective impact initiatives that can produce lasting change.


A thriving, decentralized social entrepreneurship ecosystem, accessible from all parts of Indonesia, with a collaborative network to bring about positive change for social and environmental challenges in Indonesia.



➜ Provide a platform where changemakers can explore, experiment and collaborate to achieve the desired impact goal.

➜ Build a community of social entrepreneurs from diverse regions in Indonesia, who are well-equipped to solve real challenges in their respective communities.

➜ An ecosystem of individuals (founders), organizations and enterprises from across Indonesia, who are connected and with like minded impact focus for Indonesia.

➜ Provide strategic support, capacity and capital, to potential social entrepreneurs through Makadaya’s programs enabling them to grow their initiatives into sustainable solutions.


Makadaya Fellowship is our most intensive and in-depth training program for changemakers, as an incubator for social enterprises in ideation and early development stage.

The Fellowship program aims to support and facilitate the growth of those who are selected as Makadaya Fellow by providing mentoring, knowledge and capacity building, strategic network, and also working capital during the Fellowship program. Our program encourages them to fully commit to build a sustainable social enterprise and develop their leadership skills.

For the 2023 internship, we selected 5 social entrepreneurs from 3 categories; Sustainable Fashion, Food with Community Agriculture and Waste Upcycling. During the program, fellows will be given basic knowledge about social entrepreneurship and supported through individual journey and market day. Each fellow will receive 1-on-1 mentoring tailored to their individual business development needs.

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Please read more about our first three years of the Makadaya fellowship and the inspiring fellows that have come through our training programs.