Service Learning


“Not only did this trip confirm my interest in traditional medicine, but it also rejuvenated my yearning to learn more by introducing worlds of medicine that I have yet to explore.”

Northeastern University Student

High School and University
Service-Learning Programs

In the midst of major world challenges, something profound is being born—a recognition that individuals with vision and commitment can make significant contributions to healing the planet. We invite you to join us in Bali to reimagine your role as a global citizen that supports a more collaborative, peaceful and thriving future for all.

The Bali Institute Experience – global citizenship thru service learning, indigenous experiences, entrepreneurial leadership and social activism.

Bali Institute is now offering cultural immersion, service-learning and social-entrepreneurship programs for high school and university students. Whether you are a student group wanting to plan a volunteer experience, or an individual seeking an opportunity for self-exploration and personal growth, Bali is the place!

The transformative experiences offered through all our programs are designed to enrich your capacities to create change in your own communities. You will leave with the confidence to use your learning and skills acquired in Bali at your workplace, university, or other social setting.

For more information about our Service-Learning programs, please email our registrar Nina Fojaco Reed directly.

Participants will –

  • Identify the challenges they face with respect to individuals, communities, and the planet.
  • Discover, develop, and enhance personal passion and inspiration.
  • Redefine leadership values in a new era of opportunity.
  • Explore a personal vision statement grounded in empathy, trust and shared responsibility with others.
  • Enroll peers in collaboration, service, and new models for activism.
  • Build confidence and conviction in the ability to succeed.
  • Work with local NGO’s and Non-Profits on environmental and social issues facing the island of Bali.
  • Seek out and find organizations, partners, and resources that are strategically aligned to take next steps from vision to action in their own communities.

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