Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)

Journey to the magical Indonesian island of Bali this summer for an unforgettable teen volunteer abroad program.

Global Leadership Adventures and Bali Institute Offer High School Summer Service-Learning Experiences
June 22 – July 12, 2016 • Bali, Indonesia
July 16 – August 5, 2016 • Bali, Indonesia


Bali Institute and Global Leadership Adventures provides an exciting and unique cultural immersion program in Bali offering international leadership training, service learning and meaningful volunteer experiences. These 3- week (or two week) trips combine exploration, service with inspirational local Balinese organizations, and cultural immersion through meeting local villagers and personal experiences into this rich culture.

Your days in Bali will be filled with cross-cultural opportunities that include working with local organizations on issues affecting Bali, leadership training to integrate your learning, and cultural activities to get to know the local traditions, practices and people. On the weekends, you’ll embark on such adventures as white-water rafting, snorkeling in the most beautiful waters in the world, visiting sacred temples, bicycling through small villages and much more! Volunteer projects include teaching English and computer skills to Balinese youth, helping in a health clinic, assisting in cultural activities and more.

You will be staying in Ubud, the cultural arts capital of Bali. This fascinating village has all the comforts of home, but has a distinct essence that draws people from all over the world to witness its serenity, beauty and culture. We will all be staying together in a local village compound near rice paddies and village activities — close to the palace, temples and artist facilities.

Get ready to see the underwater world in a whole new way! We’re taking it to the water and completing a three-day PADI Open Water scuba diving certification course. After completion of this course, you’ll be able to scuba dive all over the world (PADI certification is an international standard). Classes will be a combination of classroom work combined with pool and ocean dive sessions off the coast of Amed. The scuba diving in Bali is breathtaking, and you’ll complete five dives, showcasing the Amed Wall (coral reef), Japanese and American shipwrecks, and Tulamben.

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“Bali Institute plans fantastic activities and great service projects…and what is really exceptional … is that it is about really living the experience of Bali. It is not at all just going through the motions of a program. Students have dinner with the Prince of Ubud because he is friends with Bali Institute…. Others close down their restaurant so our students can hang out and have a bonfire on the beach. Because of their connections to local villages, GLA students are often invited to authentic Balinese ceremonies, even to weddings. Time is allowed for the unexpected: There’s a kite festival next week? Let’s go! You’re interested in visiting a traditional healer? Who else would like to go? Not only does Bali Institute pay close attention to the unexpected opportunities that arise, they are also very attune to the interests of the group. It all feels very personal, very real, and like a really special opportunity for our students.”
— Sandy Cooper, Senior Manager, International Programs, Global Leadership Adventures

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