Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) Bali: Global Health Initiative™

Explore the intersection of modern medicine and indigenous wisdom as you lend a hand to community health projects.

GLA Bali – Global Health Inititative™ and Bali Institute Offer
High School Summer Service-Learning Experiences
June 15- June 28, 2018 • Bali, Indonesia

July 1 – July 14, 2018 • Bali, Indonesia
July 17 – July 30, 2018 • Bali, Indonesia
Aug. 2 – Aug 15, 2018 • Bali, Indonesia

Explore the intersection of modern medicine and indigenous wisdom as you lend a hand to community health projects.

  • Shadow health professionals at a basic clinic for rural communities
  • Engage with youth through delivering health education workshops
  • Observe how public health systems are implemented in developing communities
  • Visit a natural birth clinic aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality
  • Surf with locals on world-renowned waves in Southern Bali
  • Try your hand at Balinese arts like gamelan music and woodcarving
  • Snorkel over coral reefs and a historic shipwreck on a weekend excursion
  • Interact with elephants at the Elephant Safari Park


East meets West in this unique program, where you’ll study public health through two different perspectives: Western convention and the indigenous wisdom of the East. You’ll significantly deepen your understanding of the many pieces that make up the global health puzzle, especially in the developing world, where cultural competence is just as important for achieving wellness as medical ability and technology. During your time off service, enjoy Bali’s uplifting culture through live music and dance performances, memorable meals and high adventure on the coast.

dscn1921Community Service:

Spend a few days assisting local health professionals, NGOs and community leaders at a basic health clinic for a rural community. Observe how care is delivered, and depending on the situation at hand, jump in to help respond to needs: Recording data, assisting with pulse checks, scribing information for doctors or restocking supplies. Take your experience full circle as you help design and deliver a health education workshop for local youth in the second half of the program.

Hands-on Learning:

Shadowing local leaders, you’ll be immersed in diverse healthcare settings—Western pop-up clinics, a traditional jungle healer’s practice, health workshops with local youth. You’ll begin to grasp the complexity of building and sustaining a public healthcare system. To better understand local philosophy on holistic wellness, you’ll also visit a natural birth clinic and explore where natural remedies are grown on an herbal walk. There’s no better way to learn about traditional Bali than with full sensory immersion: temple visits, a rice paddy walk, live gamelan music and dinner at the Royal Palace.


With its pounding surf, emerald rice terraces and artistic culture, Bali is adventure, culture and spirituality all in one. Take a weekend trip to Amed, a fishing village off the beaten path. You’ll go on a sunrise boat ride alongside local fishermen in their traditional spider boats and snorkel over coral reefs, marine wildlife, and even the remnants of a Japanese shipwreck from World War II. Near Home Base, adventure is also never far away—surf among friendly locals, go whitewater rafting, and interact with elephants at a safari park.


Your Home Base will be in Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub, which has all the comforts of home but bears the artful and serene essence that draws people from all over the world to the island. Your housing will be diverse, from an authentic family home to a beach bungalow. Students share comfortable, gender-segregated rooms with roommates, and have access to bathrooms with Western-style toilets and showers.

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“Bali Institute plans fantastic activities and great service projects…and what is really exceptional … is that it is about really living the experience of Bali. It is not at all just going through the motions of a program. Students have dinner with the Prince of Ubud because he is friends with Bali Institute…. Others close down their restaurant so our students can hang out and have a bonfire on the beach. Because of their connections to local villages, GLA students are often invited to authentic Balinese ceremonies, even to weddings. Time is allowed for the unexpected: There’s a kite festival next week? Let’s go! You’re interested in visiting a traditional healer? Who else would like to go? Not only does Bali Institute pay close attention to the unexpected opportunities that arise, they are also very attune to the interests of the group. It all feels very personal, very real, and like a really special opportunity for our students.”
— Sandy Cooper, Senior Manager, International Programs, Global Leadership Adventures

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