Our adult programs take you on an inspirational adventure through Bali. Instead of a “highlights” tour that whisks you through all of the top tourist landmarks, we make sure you feel grounded in each location we visit and deeply connect to the place and people there.

During your program, we’ll introduce you to many of the fascinating individuals and organizations we’ve formed deep relationships with over our 15 years on the ground in Bali. See their work firsthand. Engage in meaningful conversations. Leave each encounter feeling refreshed and inspired. There will also be plenty of time for unique excursions, relaxing beachside, and soaking in Bali’s beautiful arts and culture.

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Rich Experiences

Our programs aim to immerse you in Balinese culture by visiting the people and places that we have come to deeply respect and treasure over the years. We handpick each activity to help you peel back the layers of this amazing culture and unearth new insights into our global community. Every day of the program will add a new dimension to your journey through Bali and deepen your appreciation of this special island.

Meaningful Connections

Balinese culture highly values making time to nurture relationships with family, friends, community, and even passersby on the street. Our wonderful and ever-growing network of friends throughout Bali are excited to share their stories with you and to hear yours as well. You’ll be surprised how much this culture of connection will teach you about Bali, about your own relationships, and about yourself.

Lifelong Learning

We design our programs around a captivating theme because we believe that learning at any age makes travel more meaningful, more memorable, and more rewarding. Of course, we believe it’s also important to spend some time relaxing on the beach, shopping in the markets, and taking in the views. But when you’ve returned back to your home country it will be your knowledge of the wisdom within the Balinese culture that you’ll never forget.

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Upcoming Programs

Join Dr. Ted and Karen Peters on a vibrant journey of cultural immersion and Balinese Hinduism

March 12 – 25, 2023

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Celebrate Bali’s Most Extraordinary Ritual of the Year- Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu New Year!

March 18 – 28, 2023

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Join Rose Welch for a vibrant journey around the island! Soak in the beauty of the Balinese art, culture, and landscape

April 3 – 13, 2023

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Explore mindfulness in education and elevate well-being of body, mind and spirit through engagement with Bali’s extraordinary land, culture, and people.

July 5-14, 2023

Co-sponsored by Leadership Center at St. Mary’s College of California and the Bali Institute

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Transformational Writing through Cultural Awakening – Our Premiere Women’s Writing Workshop

Coming soon!

Join this unique Master Class in the multi-disciplinary fields of place-based arts and design.

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A Workshop on Surfing and the Art of Leadership

Coming soon!

Explore a fascinating adventure of your senses, mind and heart through the uniqueness of Bali art and culture.

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